Safe Homes

Have you ever wondered if you were sending your child to a safe environment when allowing them to visit a friend’s house?  The Safe Home list is an opportunity for Garden City (and the surrounding area) parents to commit to not allowing youth to use substances, of any kind, while visiting their home.  Simply fill out the form below to have your name added to the “Safe Home” list.  When a child asks to go over to a friend’s house that the parent is unfamiliar with, the parent can come to this website and check to see if the friend’s last name is listed- giving parents’ peace of mind.

Are you committed to keeping your home free of youth substance use?  If so, sign the form below and become a parent warrior that is helping to keep the youth in this community healthy.


Clark (Haller) - Courtney

Cleland - Thomas

Cox - Robert

Full - Eileen


Hahn - Shaun

Harman - Cathy

Harris - Natalie

Hopper - Kim

Hutcherson - Marilyn

Lucas - Crystal


Pendo - Linda


Salamon - Siblee

Sheeran - Megan

Walczyk - Cassie

Wieckowski - Stan

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