Hello Spring Break 2018


Spring Break 2018

Ah, spring break! For many youth it is a time to forget about all of the stresses of school…at least for a week anyway! For some, it will be a
time to sleep in and just hang around with friends and family. For others, this may be the first trip they are taking away from home without
your supervision.

No matter what your plans are for this spring break, it is a great opportunity to talk to the teens in your life about underage drinking and your expectations for their behavior. Here are a few tips from the Safe and Sober Parents website for this spring break:

  1. Is your teen planning to go on a trip with a friend’s family or a large group without you? Have a straightforward conversation with the supervising adults to let them know your stance on alcohol. Confirm that absolutely no alcohol will be provided or given to your teen, under any circumstances.
  2. Use the extra break time as an opportunity to begin an ongoing conversation with your teen about alcohol. Find some tips for beginning that all-important conversation, and for how to set boundaries regarding alcohol use for your teens on the Safe and Sober Parents website: safeandsoberparents.com.
  3. For many teens and young adults, spring break is a time to let go of school and home stress. In preparation for the break, talk to your teen about healthy ways to manage stress. By finding an outlet like physical exercise, conversation or journaling, your teen may channel stress in a way that will prevent harmful activities such as binge drinking or prescription drug use.

Wherever your teen may be this break, we encourage you to keep in contact with them regularly. Check in to see how things are going and make
sure they understand your rules and expectations regarding alcohol use before they head out without you.

Thrive’s members just want to be sure all of Garden City’s youth stay safe and healthy this spring break! Thrive is here for you with more information and local resources, call us at 734-793-1868, or contact us here.


The Members of Thrive

Show You Care, Be Aware. Have a Safe and Happy Spring Break!