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Volunteer at the Garden City Community Coalition

We need you to get involved at the Garden City Community Coalition!

Our dynamic group of volunteers come from all walks of life, all levels of experience and all age ranges. We share a commitment to building protective factors in our community that increase the development of healthy, drug and alcohol free lifestyles across the lifespan. We are also committed to eliminating risk factors that make youth and citizens vulnerable to unhealthy choices.

In order to accomplish our goals we enlist volunteers with the cooperation from every segment of community life including parents and youth, schools, businesses, government, the media, faith-based organizations, law enforcement , healthcare professionals , civic, youth and other organizations. Guidance in our prevention efforts comes from utilizing a public health approach and from adapting our work to the Strategic Prevention Framework, a planning model that strives to incorporate best practices and evidenced based interventions on a community wide basis.

We are also committed to the personal growth of everyone who contributes to these efforts and believe that the broad nature of our work encompasses opportunities for altruism, skill development, training, relationship building, giving back and fun among many other things. Although time and work commitments may vary from volunteer to volunteer every individual’s needs, participation and activism is valued and integrated to the greatest extent possible.

Huge challenges face us in our endeavors but the rewards are significant. We look forward as a group to accomplishing much together!

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